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Just bought a Champion 3000 Watt (3500 max) from Costco.  Would like to purchase a kit that allows me to run the unit on gasoline, natural gas, and propane.  196cc.  What kit do I purchase?  Thanks.

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This Champion 3000 watt generator is a Chinese clone version of the Honda GX-190 engine.  Apparently they blueprinted the Honda engines so all the kits and options available for the GX-190 would be the same for this Honda copy.   Based on the horsepower rating for this Champion Honda knockoff engine, you have 2 options available:

·      Type A Kit

This is a dedicated carburetor conversion kit.  The carburetor is dedicated to alternative fuel by drilling the center passage a little larger for the insertion of a new fuel tube into the air stream.  With this system you would now be able to run  natural gas and even propane for portable operation (using a grill cylinder gives the equivalent of about 5 gallons of gasoline).  This process does not allow use of gasoline as an option.  However, a new carburetor could be purchased if later someone wanted to revert back to gasoline.  The cost of this system is $157 without final hookup hoses. (HERE IS THE URL -

AND HERE IS THE LINK - <a href="">Add to Cart</a>)


·      Type C Kit

This is an adapter kit and considered to be tri-fuel, meaning you would use natural gas and propane and still retain gasoline as an option.  The process involves inserting a custom fit adapter in-between the air filter assembly and the face of the carburetor.  So no drilling of the carburetor is needed.  Other components are included to facilitate the additional 1-1/4” of space that the adapter requires.  This kit is $187 which does not included final hookup hoses.



AND HERE IS THE LINK - <a href="">Add to Cart</a> )


·      Type CIC

This is our Hybrid induction process that requires sending us your carburetor.  The details of this method is explained in a reply to post and clicking this hyperlink will take you to the detailed answer.


The hookup hoses and accessories and further details that explain even more about these kits, along with the links to order what you may need can be found here: .


Lastly, if you want a hose to connect your generator to your natural gas source, the following link will be of great benefit:  This link will have information to help you determine the size required and length of hose you would need to run your generator properly and efficiently.  Currently, all accessories ship at no additional charge with kit orders but this policy could change without notice on this response.   

This forum question is in regards to propane and natural gas conversion kits for the Costco 3000 watt Champion 196cc generators rated at 3000 watts with 3500 watts surge. The terms Costco propane generator and Champion propane generator kit are also used with these Costco generators.

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