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I would like to move forward with conversion.  The CIC seems to be the most preferable if I want to maintain tri-fuel.  My question regarding CIC (tri-fuel option) versus standard self drilling (propane / nat gas only) - Is there a performance difference between the CIC and self drilling option?  Other than the fuel usage options and limited space needs, are there any other pros and cons regarding CIC versus standard self drilling?

Regarding the kits:  I am aware of the fact that a CIC will cost $75.  Based upon this, do I need to purchase a standard tri fuel kit (kit C or kit 4)?  Buying one of these kits will result in buying the adapter (and more cost), which is not needed.  Can I buy the kit A or 3 instead?

Lastly, I understand that the type 3 or 4 kit is technically required for my WH7000E.  While the manufacturer does not state the HP (just the CCs), the engine is right on the edge of the 12 HP limit.  so, my question is, can I use a type A or C kit if I do not consider the National Code requirement, or more likely; manage the "additional lock off device" requirement through other means.

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  No the performance will be the same. I prefer the CIC method just because the Gasoline option will be there just in case you ever need it. If you want to keep the option of gasoline you will need the Type C kit. The price of the Type C Kit with the adapter is around $187 the price of the Type C kit with the induction method (CIC) (no adapter in the kit) is $157 + $75 for the CIC. All engines can now use the Type C kit. The additional lock-off device is no longer required by law even on engines over 12 HP.

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Ok.  So I would like to proceed with this order and CIC service.  How do I submit this order on the website?  The website does not show a CIC option plus CIC specific type C kit at a price if $75 + $157.  How do I place this order?  Is there any specific instructions for sending you the carb?

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Check out my WH7000EC conversion:

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