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I noticed online that some people are using 10ft 1/2" BBQ NG line kits w/ 3/8" female flare quick connect for their 7500w and below conversions.   Is this the correct hose to be using?  i have a 389cc chonda engine.  My house line is 3/4" from the meter, about a 40' run to the outside of the house.  Thanks.

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This is exactly what I am using for my natural gas supply.  I got them at Lowes Home Improvement store.  (BernzOmatic Female QD #361435, $12.99 and 10' Hose w/QD #361426, $34.99)  I got an extra female quick disconnect and put it on the "OUT" end of a low pressure (BBQ type) regulator to use on my propane tank.  The QD that came with the 10' hose, I put on the end of 28' of 1/2"  black iron pipe w/a shut off valve, directly from the meter.  Now I can switch fuel supplies in a matter of seconds.  I am running a 5000 watt, 10 HP Generac generator.  So far, everything seems to work perfectly.  I was a little concerned about having enough fuel after almost 40' to the regulator, so yesterday, I cranked up my house furnace, my gas fireplace, and my generator to see if it would still run correctly, and it did.  My only other natural gas load is the water heater, but I don't think it was running.  The chances of everything running at once is pretty slim, so I don't worry about it.


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The only "barbecue" hose I have seen is 1/2 inch outside diameter with either a 1/4 inch or 3/8 inch inside diameter.  My opinion is that this hose is too small for most generators.  It might be okay for something 1,500 watts or less but using it on a bigger generator is a crap shoot.

I prefer nothing less than a 1/2 inch INSIDE diameter hose and if you are using it on natural gas or downstream of a tank regulator with a maximum of 14 inches of water column pressure then a low pressure hose (still rated for natural gas use) with flare fittings is the way to go.  Quick connect fittings, while easy to use introduce a significant added resistance to the flow of gas at low pressure.
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