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Is the CIC modification option still available?

Can anyone post a picture (close up and a few angles, if possible) of what the carb looks like after the CIC modification?

I seems to me that the Motorsnorkel blocks a significant portion of the airflow space from the air filter into the carburetor (25%??) and the CIC approach would be the best option for conversion.  Or is the airflow space significantly oversized anyway?  I'm at 2,500 ft of elevation if that make any difference (lower air density so higher flow volume required).

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  They have done away with it for the most part but for some engines the CIC is still available. You would just have to call and check at 1-800-553-5608. The snorkel seems to be working great I have not heard of any issues with it blocking enough airflow to negatively affect the operation of the engine. We have an adjustment that you can tweak your fuel mixture for different elevations.

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I had the CIC done to my carburetor on my B&S 30470 7000W generator and it runs terrific.  I ordered myself a brand new carb for my genset and shipped it to them.  I would definitely go that route instead of the snorkel but that's just my opinion.  I just can't see how a sufficient amount of gas can pass through the motor snorkel tubing to support a 7000W generator with a decent load on it.  All I had to do was swap out the original carb and install the carb with the CIC and then I hooked up the rest of the kit.  Very easy!  Once I get around to taking some pictures; I'll post them on the site. 

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I just can't see how a sufficient amount of gas can pass through the motor snorkel tubing to support a 7000W generator with a decent load on it.

Consider how small the gasoline passage is in the carburetor and you can see that the gaseous fuel passage in the motor snorkel is significantly larger.

That stated, I, too, am skeptical of the motor snorkel design for larger engines.  The first generation of the motor snorkel had definite problems, most of which seem to have been corrected with subsequent improvements. 

My personal choice will always be to make a gaseous only conversion except where the probability of returning to gasoline is high.  My personal experience is that multi-fuel usage is only to soothe the user into making the conversion, knowing that it is not a permanent conversion, and he can go back to gasoline if the gaseous fuel doesn't work.
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