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I have an Yamaha YG6600DE generator and installed a snorkel kit around a year and a half ago. It's been running like a champ until today. I can't get it started unless I hold the primer button in. I tried turning the load block valve in and out to no avail. The propane tank is around 3/4 full.
What in the heck happened?
doug b

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Almost same thing here .once I get it started by playing with the primer button I have to hold it about 1/2 in for about 5 I utes before it will run on its own , been great for about 2 yrs and then this started .I see no answer from tech on your post and its been up a long time

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I have no experience with the snorkel but have heard many issues with them on this website.  Have you checked to see if the gasket portion of the snorkel deteriorated; thus creating a vacuum leak?  I had the CIC performed on my carburetor and I've had no issues at all running on NG or gasoline with and without a load.

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This happened to me too.  After running happily for hours on propane during a power outage my Yamaha suddenly stopped.  I needed me to play with the primer button for it to run again.  It turns out the two screws compressing the snorkel gasket has loosened causing a small vacuum leak.  After tightening them back up, my generator roared to life and ran reliably again.
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