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I wasn’t able to get any information about using the motor snorkel in a Hyundai HY2000si/sei before, but I wanted to share with everyone that I have been able to successfully convert mine to use NG.  I received the universal motor snorkel with a round gasket rather than the usual oval shaped one.  The oval would probably have worked better, but once I got the orientation right (snorkel tube entering carb at about 4 o’clock), I was able to get it clamped down well enough.  I wasn’t able to use any of the holes on the gasket for the bolts, but I notched out spaces for them to pass through the outer rim of the gasket.  I did have to remove the carb/air filter assembly completely to install the snorkel, but it wasn't too difficult.

Once installed, I found it took a LOT of trial and error to get the motor fired up, but now I think I have the correct procedure and settings in case anyone else finds the information useful:

Tested with outside temp between 1C and 10C, connected to BBQ NG fitting using a quick-connect hose.

-          Load Block set to 6 turns out (from fully closed)
-          Generator choke set to approximately 50% open (and left there permanently)
-          A really long 6-8 second press on the regulator primer button

Generator starts with 3 to 5 pulls of the cord.

Load tested with a 1500 Watt hairdryer on hot/fast and the genny seems to power it no problem.  If anyone has any thoughts on any of this, feel free to jump in.

One thing I’m wondering is why I have to fix the choke halfway open, but any deviation from the 50% position causes the motor to stall? Also, is the way I installed the gasket okay, or should I get a new snorkel with the oval gasket so the bolts go through it rather than on the outside edge?


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