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I bought one of the dedicated conversion kits on ebay (the one where you drill out the carb itself) so you dont use the gas tank anymore.

I've got the kit all installed now but I'm having a hard time getting an adapter for my regulator.  I'm using the following regulator:

I just dont know what the thread diameter/pitch is on the conversion kit's regulator input? is it 3/4"??

the harbor freight regulator shows in the specs online that its 5/8"-18 female but I dont see anywhere in my two instruction sets from my conversion kit what the actual size/pitch is on the kits gives all kinds of fun pics of the inside of the regulator itself but nothing on the thread size/pitch of the inlet....

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   You are correct the threads on our KN regulator are 3/4" Pipe Thread. Here is a link to the fitting that you would need:

   Also I would check the BTU rating on that regulator from harbor freight. I believe they are only rated for 40,000 BTU's. You will need 10,000 BTU's per horsepower so that will only run up to a 4 horsepower engine (if it is only rated for 40,000 BTU's).

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