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All the reading on regulators have me more confused than ever.  I bought a Predator Generator with the 22HP 670cc engine.  I plan on using two 20 gallon propane tanks with the tee that is sold on US Carb's website.  In the future, I plan on getting two thirty gallon tanks.  With that in in mind, which regulator do I need on the tee from the tanks to run the generator?  

BTW, I currently have a 6500 watt generator that I converted to propane about a year ago.  So I already have the NPSK-6, however that regulator is for 20 H or less.   With that said, which one do I need for the 22 HP motor?

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Sorry for the very late reply if this message is to late to help you hopefully it will help someone else with the same question:

You can use the silver regulator in you NPSK-6 kit and attach our tee check assembly (which connects two tanks together). If you do upgrade your tanks I would make sure they purge them correctly. New tanks will have air trapped inside of them. If the air is not purged out then your engine will most likely not run due to their being too much air and not enough fuel. If you can find some tanks that have been refilled 3 or 4 times that would also work.

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