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I have a Smarter Tools 4750W Model:ST-GP4750EB Generator purchased from Costco.  It has a Wenling Jennfeng 7HP jf170flh-2 engine.  I would like to do a tri fuel conversion for the generator.

1. What type of kit do I need?  It appears a Type C kit is required, but are there different Type C kits for various motors, or is it just one kit that would be applied to any motor? 

2. There isn't 1.5" of clearance between the air filter cover and the frame.  A CIC conversion would seem to be the only option.  I saw comments about a snorkel kit on the forum, but haven't seen mention of it on the website.  Do you have a page on the website that describes it?  Would the snorkel kit work in this scenario and how much clearance does it need?

3. I plan on running the generator about 50-60 feet away from the main gas line outside.  I was considering running a flexible hose with quick disconnects on both ends from the gas meter to the generator.  What inner or outer diameter hose do I need?  What size quick disconnects do I need? The motor is rated at 7HP, so it appears to require 70,000 btu/hour, is this correct?

4. What other hardware do I need to order from the 50-60' hose up to the generator?

5. Have you provided a conversion kit for this generator model before?  What was the recommended solution?

Thanks for your help.

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I saw the link doesn't work from my original post because there is an extra space at the end of the hypertext.  Try this one

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1. You will need the Type C kit for that engine.

2. The snorkel is the thickness of a gasket so it does not require the room that the adapter does.

3. For 50' you will need 1/2" line for 60' you will need 3/4" line.

4. That is all that you will need.

5. I would recommend buying the Type C kit and having the CIC done to your carburetor. 

Thank You
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